CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS - Public perception of a company is largely based on the company's ability to convey its messages and brandings in a manner that the public can identify with and relate to. GO Relations Publiques inc. strives to promote and protect these elements that are the focal point of all communications initiatives.

MARCOM - GO Relations Publiques inc. acts as a convergence agent within the communicational mix. Depending on specific objectives and target groups, advertising, promotional campaigns and special events are complementary communication devices, designed to achieve ultimate visibility and maximum results, when properly administered.

COMMTECH - Technology communications is a niche for GO Relations Publiques inc. With sub-sectors and the number of people involved in the technology industry constantly on the rise, in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience are essential to ensure objectives are well understood and proper channels are exploited.

PUBLIC AFFAIRS - From the colour of margarine to tobacco-sponsored events, there are as many causes as there are people trying to influence the decision-making process. Everyone wants to be heard but, more often than not, it comes down to knowing whose ear you should be reaching and which door you should be knocking on.